My whole life I have experienced Spirit. From haunted houses to seeing and speaking to Spirit. Everywhere and anywhere. Even on vacation.

From a little girl, I knew things that were on the horizon and as a teen, people around me started to believe me when I told them.

My first experience reading for another person was when I was working at Bell, over ten years ago. A lady was closing an account for her mother, who had just recently passed, and I gave her a reading on the fly. I haven’t stopped giving readings since then.

I don’t use tarot cards, tea leaves, read palms or do fortune telling. I am the vessel through which Spirit comes through.

I am clairvoyant and can see, hear, smell, taste and feel Spirit.

When I’m not providing private readings, I perform cleansing of houses and spaces of spirit and help the living on their death beds and once they pass, to cross over.