Jenn was my first foray into the spirit world, and the reading she gave me was pivotal in changing the trajectory of my life. She brought to light very private moments in my timeline that needed attention and healing, and gave a very accurate reading about the people around me who were affecting my energy field, or who had some things going on that needed attention and care as well. Jenn is like calling your best friend, except they’re clairvoyant and a medium, and here to tell you who your spirit guides are and what your loved ones who have passed need you to know. And maybe what you need to put down and walk clear away from. Be ready to hear what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. I always hang up with Jenn with a fresh perspective, comfort in knowing I am never alone, and a healthy dose of self confidence. Thank you, Jenn, you’re a gift. XOXO
During my initial visit with Jenn, the reading began as I walked through the door. She told me things about my life, my family, and my relationships that she would have had no way of knowing other than through her gifted ability. She did this in a relaxed and comfortable setting, as though talking with an old and dear friend. On this and subsequent visits she helped me understand and be comfortable with who, and what, I am. Her insight helped me to reconnect with myself, the worlds around me, and to my own spirituality. With her support and guidance, I have become stronger, healthier, and more comfortable with myself. Jenn’s gifts are as genuine as she is. She is the real deal and well connected to the spirit world. I look forward to future visits with her.
Jennifer has been a god send. Four years ago I was widowed. My husband Keith had been taken way too soon and I was in a place that I didn’t know how to get out of. I needed answers and never imagined that those answers would come from a complete stranger. I heard about Jennifer's gift though a friend so I decided to give it a shot. I have been to many people that have claimed to have the gift that she has and I wasn’t impressed with what they had to say. So I went in a bit skeptical. She knew nothing about me when I entered the door except for my first name. After five minutes of being with her I knew she was for real. She said things that no one except me and my late husband had said to each other as he was dying. Still to this day those conversations have never been talked about. She told me things that would happen such as remarrying (and I told her she was nuts lol) and this March I said I do to a wonderful man. She got me through a lot and for that I am so grateful. I am so glad I went to see her and now call her my friend. Thanks for everything Jennifer. You will never know how much you did for me in that first visit.
My family’s experience with Jenn was nothing short of life changing. I first saw Jenn in February of this year when my husband, who had been sick for 7 years, seemed to be declining but denied any change in himself. I went because I was in search of answers. I actually thought I was losing my sanity because I felt something was happening that he denied. She immediately described my mother and father perfectly. Then she quickly said “who are you a caregiver for…. Your husband….he is very, very sick” And it went from there. She told me symptoms and complications he was having that he had been hiding from me. She told me he didn’t have long and that spirit was already waiting for him. When I returned home and asked him, he admitted it all the symptoms and complications were true. As things progressed it was clear he was terrified of dying and fighting the inevitable with everything he had left in him. I contacted Jenn and she helped our family find the peace my husband needed. She spoke to him and explained passing and an afterlife to him that released him from his fears and she told him some hard truths he had to hear. She told him direct messages from the loved ones that were waiting for him on the other side and they were things that no one else ever knew. She sent a guide to support one of my sons who had had a difficult relationship with his father and she is completely responsible for them making reaching an understanding of each other like they never could before. She connected with me daily and well into the night everyday of the week leading up to his death. The last 24 hours of his life she walked me through everything I could do to help ease his transition to the other side and she connected with his energy throughout the night. We could actually feel the presence of spirits in the house and the energy was overwhelming and comforting. She assured us that they were waiting for him and wouldn’t leave without helping him cross. In the end his passing was just as she had described it to me in our first meeting in February. We were all in bed with him at home when he took his last breath. My sons described it as beautiful. They had never been present for a passing before and they felt no fear at all. We felt as if, because of Jenn, we helped him return home in the most peaceful, beautiful way possible. Jenn has an extraordinary gift and she uses it with love and wisdom. She has changed my life, not only by helping my husband die in peace, but she has absolutely confirmed for me that we are not alone. Our loved ones are here. They can hear us when we speak to them and they send messages to us. I have no fear of what is to come now. I know that love and peace waits on the other side.
When I was younger, I was pregnant. It was a tough time as it was my first miscarriage. Through the devastation I had this feeling it was a girl, so I named her after a family member. I heard somewhere that if you name your children whom pass before birth that they would go to heaven, so that's what I did. I never told anyone about her name and just left that information to myself. Then out of curiosity I met Jenn and she told me all about her, her name and how she's on the other side with family. I still tell this story to those who don't believe, this is only one of our amazing stories and couldn't thank Jenn enough for the messages that she has passed on to me.
Jenn was the medium I chose to see two years after my husband suddenly passed. I didn't know what to expect and tried to not get my hopes up but all of that anxiety vanished when he came through. She could not only describe everyone in my family like she knew them personally but when it came time to hear what my husband had to say, she did not disappoint. He talked about his last moments and his regrets, discussed with me what he'd like to see for our daughter's future, proclaimed his undying love for me and even kept a joke going that was just between the two of us. It was like we picked up where we left off two years before and every question I had for him was answered, without me asking. Anytime that I start to doubt my own ability to receive communication from him, or forget that he is with me and waiting for me, I go back to this reading and listen to the amazing words that came through Jenn.
My sessions with Jennifer brought me healing after a personal loss. She gave me wonderful advise in times of stress and provided me with support that helped me deal with a crisis. I highly recommend anyone who needs peace, honesty, and healing to make an appointment for a session with Jennifer.
Jennifer is one of the most accurate, understanding and talented psychic mediums I’ve met. She has amazing work ethics, and never fails to deliver messages from the other side with compassion, and comfort. Her empathy, kindness, and precision have greatly helped during tough times. I truly enjoy her readings! Highly recommended.
Sonia from Halifax
Jenn did a reading for me just after my husband passed. I never told her that he passed. Jenn was amazing. She told me things only I knew. Things she told me would happen..they really did. I absolutely loved my experience with Jenn!
I had never been to a medium before seeing Jenn. I was beyond impressed with the insights that Jenn had into my life. Jenn has predicted many things happening in my life accurately. She is an honest and straightforward person who is an excellent listener. It gave me comfort knowing my grandparents were looking out for me. I would recommend Jennifer’s services to anyone.
I was a naysayer wanting to be a believer, if that makes any sense. My mother died in a car accident when I was 16 and I am now 58. The day of my reading, I was excited. Today would be my very first reading with Jenn. As I lay fully awake in my bed, anticipating the reading later in the day, my name is called aloud in my head. I say "in my head" because the sound did not come from the room around me; but rather, coming from inside my head. OMG! Blown away, I jumped out of bed and hurried to the phone. Also, my son died suddenly at the age of 30 in 2017. Jenn helped me connect with my son in a meaningful way that brought tears to my eyes. It was undeniably my baby! His personality came through and she helped me understand some of the forces at play when he died. Each session, and there have been two so far, seems to reveal more meaningful information!
Thank you!

When I first spoke to Jen, I started to give her a brief background of my situation and I mentioned that my ex and I were toying with getting back together (we had been separated for 4 months).hadn't even finished speaking when she yelled "NO!!!! Don't do it, he is a *less than a favorable word*!" She proceeded to tell me her feelings about him....and she called a spade a spade. I will be honest, I was a little upset by it. He wasn't a snake...or was he? By working through her words I was able to put his behavior into perspective and work through that he may be a snake but maybe it wasn't intentional. It was a product of his upbringing and survival. However, I do not need to live with these actions, I deserved better. I was then able to move forward – knowing I will never need to look back and wonder.

Jen had also mentioned moving home in that first conversation. It was something I really wanted to do, my ex had been encouraging it. She gave me a lot of information to get my mind started in that direction. Once Jen gives us her feelings, it is up to us to take action. Of course I had lots of emotions going on and I didn't move to take action. I have been speaking with Jen every couple of months or so and as I take action, the next steps come to fruition. Sometimes there are changes to the prediction due to lack of action on my behalf. If I want it to happen, I need to move at a faster speed. My house is now sold and I'm moving home.

She has given me many predictions, for example she warned me of certain things that would be hot buttons with my ex. Days later he brought it up – but I was prepared and we were able to talk through it. And when she has told me information from my spirits – the cadence of her voice or what they have told her make it clear it is really them. It is a beautiful thing to realize how many loved ones surround you – it is very comforting.

Jen has given me amazing advice and even when she knows I'm not going to listen – then she warns me of how to be careful in my actions. She has a lot of life experience which she shares and has suggested some great books to read. It is more than just having your fortune told – it's like great advice with cheat notes.


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